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An Update From The Heart of Appalachia

To Our Valued Business Partners,

Early 2020 brought us one of the more challenging times we have experienced as Southwest Virginia’s Tourism Authority. Our team embraced this challenge in a number of ways, many of which focused on our business partners. We pivoted to a more business development oriented role, and maximized our relationships with local and regional news outlets. This allowed us to showcase the region to a different, local audience, as opposed to a traditional Destination Marketing Organization that markets solely to tourists.

Behind the scenes we were making plans for the future of the organization, creating new print material such as visitor guides and maps, developing our content database, producing a new website, increasing social media presence, unveiling a new travel app, and working cohesively as a team to review and fill any gaps we could find in our past marketing strategies. We hop you will take a minute to visit and download the Heart of Appalachia App from the App Store or Google Play Store to experience this new content. You’ll recognize many of your ads, which will rotate throughout the year on the new website, giving your business even more exposure at no cost to you.

We all understand that many of you, our valued partners, have faced a year of unprecedented uncertainty and financial hardship. Because of this, we plan to continue featuring your business for the entirety of 2021 as part of the same plan you purchased in 2020, at no additional cost. We realize now is not the time to knock on your doors asking for financial commitments, rather it is a time to help you overcome the tremendous hurdles you have encountered.

We look forward to a time when we will proudly share in your successes and watch your businesses flourish again, and in the meantime, you can feel confident that we are working harder than ever for you.

The Heart of Appalachia Team

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