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Heart & Hands


Initiatives make a lasting impact on our region. From our region's history, culture, strength of character, to our phenomenal back roads, we've made a durable impression on all who wander through our Virginia southwest.   


There is such diversity in our mountains and valleys. And our visitors are just as diverse. It's been our mission to share with the outside world just how spectacular this place we call home is. A great example is Appalachian Backroads. Watching motorcyclists from surrounding states pass through our region on their way to someplace else without stopping for nothing more than a few gallons of gas, we asked ourselves what they were seeking. After interviewing hundreds of riders, then taking it on our own to travel hundreds of miles of curvy, scenic back roads right here in our backyard, we were convinced we could get them to stop and spend time enjoying what we'd taken for granted. We had all the assets. All we had to do is get the word out. We did... and now the Heart of Appalachia is known world-wide as a premiere destination for exhilarating road trips on two wheels or four.  So, when you see a group of motorcycles on our back roads, rest assured they got the idea to come from us.

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