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Plus, our staff promotes word-of-mouth advertising by offering recommendations to visitors and potential visitors!


We produce visitor directed Adventure Guides, Appalachian Backroads map guides, Spearhead Trails brochures, and an assortment of specialized print brochures, like Spirits of the Clinch and our regional Fishing Guide, to highlight and draw visitors to our region. Our brochures are displayed in all Virginia Welcome Centers, over 130 Certified Visitors Information Centers and hundreds of hotels, motels and tourism related businesses along the major Interstate travel routes in five states. In addition, we direct mail thousands from inquiries received via phone, email and website requests.


We choose quality, high volume readership, special interest, focused magazines to target advertising of all that the Heart of Appalachia region has to offer. Magazines like Redbook, Blue Ridge Outdoors, Born to Ride, RoadRUNNER, Blue Ridge Country, and more carry 1/2 to full page ads regularly. We have been featured in many publications detailing the wealth of visitor opportunities waiting for the traveler's arrival. HOA also participates in VTC co-op advertising programs and maintains a section in their Virginia Travel Guide.


We work with local and regional TV stations to arrange and participate regularly in tourism related business spotlight segments. We sponsor targeted market programs on national cable television, like Lokar, Sam's Garage, Fisher's Off-Road and Fisher's ATV World. We've hosted Brian Fisher and his crew on several occasions as he rides and rates not only Spearhead Trails but brags up the communities and attractions in our region. Hear our radio spots on several radio regional stations we sponsor the famed Song of the Mountains programing. 


The Heart of Appalachia maintains two high-traffic visitor targeted, interactive websites; and The HOA site includes listings and features showcasing our tourism related businesses, lodging, dining, shopping as well as attractions, activities, events and more. We offer suggested itineraries, videos and blog feature articles. We are also connected to and interact with VTC's Virginia is for Lovers website for even more coverage through their data share program. 

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Our dedicated staff are here for you. If you are starting a new business in the tourism and hospitality sector, we offer a free compilation of all the local, regional, and state resources available to you as you begin your incredible journey into entrepreneurship. Hoping to appeal to a niche audience? Our complimentary checklists cover all the little details that'll impress even the most demanding of customers. Needing guidance on how to market your business? We can help with that, too. Our social media tutorials are so simple even the most technologically illiterate will have no problem.

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